Being Thankful

November 28, 2016

There was something about this Thanksgiving that truly made me sit down and reflect on what this year has brought about and how much I have to be thankful for. Maybe it was the long drive to our family or maybe it was just all of the amazing things that are going on around me that I had time to sit and reflect on. Whatever it was, I have so much to be thankful for.

My sweet husband. He has stood by me through so many of the ups and downs of life and loved me along the way. Through my faults and triumphs, he was continued to be my best friend and my biggest fan. I am thankful to him for always encouraging me, picking me up when I need it most, and making me smile.

Our baby girl. There is something so exciting about knowing we have hit 30 weeks in the pregnancy and that our sweet girl is getting closer and closer to getting here. I feel like the past 30 weeks have flown by but also taken their sweet time. I'm sure I will feel the same over the next 10 weeks.

Family. There is absolutely nothing in the world like family. Whether we are with my family or Michael's, I feel at home and complete. We are blessed with an amazing support system from both of our families. There is truly nothing like knowing we have so many people supporting and encouraging us on this new journey we are taking.

Our dogs. As silly as this sounds, our sweet dogs bring such joy to our life. With M being gone so much lately, they have been so good to me and kept me company on the nights when I feel alone. It's amazing how much happiness a little furry animal can bring.

My body. The body is an amazing thing and nothing has shown me that more than this pregnancy. To know that my body has created and grown this sweet baby girl is incredible and makes me appreciate it more than I ever thought possible. I feel like I look at it in a totally different way than I did before and plan to take extra good care of it for taking care of our sweet girl.

Happiness. There are times in life when you just look around and see all of the good in your life. I feel as though I have battled to be where I am right now at this very moment and don't plan to take this happiness for granted. It's an amazing feeling to be able to experience.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and got to rest and relax a little bit before we head into the new week. Happy Monday friends.

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