Get Happy, Give Joy

November 22, 2016

There is absolutely nothing in the world like spending time with family. Whether we meet up for a quick shopping trip, I go home for a weekend visit, or they come to see me for a night, my sweet family makes my heart so happy. I have been blessed with an amazing mom who, as I've gotten older, has become one of my very best friends, and a sister who from day one has been my best friend. My baby brother is actually going to be 21 this year which totally blows my mind because I still think of him as my baby. When we get together, it always includes lots of laughter, smiles, and pictures.

My mom and sister came in for the night Sunday and surprised me by bringing my sweet baby brother. Waking up, knowing they were all at my house just made my heart all kinds of happy. Unfortunately, my Monday was already packed full of to do list things so they were left on their own during the morning. I had swim team practice in the morning, followed by a hair appointment with my favorite stylist in town, and then we headed to my 29 week doctor appointment.

Getting to experience a doctor's appointment with all of them there was so special. My mom has already met my doctor at the last visit I had, but it was fun to have Dee and Dave there with me to hear sweet Adi's heartbeat and little updates on what is to come over the next 10 weeks. Knowing that we have so many people who already love our baby girl makes the whole world just seem right.

After our little appointment, we headed out to do some shopping. It is what we do best together for sure. I don't have much that I am in need of at the moment besides little things for Adilynn's room and some comfy shoes to wear because it seems that the pregnancy myth about your feet getting bigger is actually true. Who knew. I ended up buying leggings and a pair of black skinny jeans. Totally what I went there for obviously.
Going to try and finish up a few last minute errands after swim practice and then will be spending the day with the carpet people. Too bad I still need to pack, get the dogs ready for their trips, finish laundry, and get the car ready for our trek to the panhandle. Thankfully, when I called to confirm my appointment they told me that it will only take a few hours so that helps but I'm still interested to see how things go. Wish us luck.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how funt o have them there for your Doctors appointment?! :) I love that you're so close with them. PS your hair is getting SO LONG! Gorgeous, girl!