Goodbye Gross Carpet

November 21, 2016

When M and I moved into our house, it's like we were oblivious to all of the small little details that were going on inside the house. We saw 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a huge kitchen and dining area, and a ginormous backyard. SOLD! Sign us up and let's buy this house.

Too bad once we started moving in, we noticed popcorn ceilings, different wall textures in each room, wallpaper in the kitchen and dining area, and last but not least 8...EIGHT different floors. We have tile, wood, a different kind of tile, and 5 different types of carpet. And it's not "good" carpet. I promise. The carpet in each room is either brown, white with terrible stains on it, fluffy with a not so nice smell to it, or one tiny little room that is actually half ways decent.
When we found out that we were going to have a sweet little addition to the family, we figured it was time to take care of a few house updates. We had a painter come in and paint 2 of the rooms, get rid of the wallpaper and retexture the kitchen. Last but not least we decided we might as well go ahead and get new carpet.
Going through the process of choosing a new floor for the bedrooms was NOT easy, especially for an indecisive person like myself. Ultimately, it would be fabulous to have dark hard wood floors throughout our whole house but M is a fan of carpet for the bedrooms so I gave in since he let me have some grey in our life. Compromise people. Since one of the rooms had pretty good carpet installed, we decided to try our best to match it so that we only had 3 rooms to buy carpet for.
I'm going to admit... I did not realize how expensive carpet can be. It's like you walk in and the store is all "Here are our choices for carpet but if you want the stain resistant, lifetime warranty-ed, soft, durable carpet, you are going to pay the big bucks. Not to mention installation fees, furniture moving fees, etc". But I am hoping it is well worth it.

Home Depot made this process pretty simple for us. We scheduled an in home measurement, they sent us a quote based on the carpet and padding we wanted, and then once we paid, their installation company sent a schedule of their available dates and times. I have the week off for Thanksgiving so I figured I would schedule it for this week. Tuesday is dooms day...I mean it was my date of choice.

I am looking forward to seeing how this goes, especially with a dog at home and me having to be present The. Whole. Time. Sigh. I'm not good at sitting at home, especially sitting at home while there are people in and out of the house all day. But at least the end result will mean I have matching, clean carpet. I wonder if I can get them to rearrange the bedroom furniture and move the furniture I've build for Adilynn's room in there. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Good luck with the floor installation! And the post-installation furniture moving! :)

  2. Good luck with everything!! It'll be so nice to have consistency again and not 8 different types of flooring! ;) I'm excited for you. New carpet makes such a big difference in a house!!

  3. We are the same as you, we bought the house and then when we moved we kept saying to each other, "Do you remember all this wallpaper? Did they have this weird rug when we moved in?" Haha! We just got new carpet from Home Depot in our master bedroom and it was the best decision. We didn't have any furniture in the room when they came, but the whole thing, start to finish, took probably 40 minutes. THey were so efficient! Good luck!

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