My Secret List

December 22, 2016

There is just something about receiving gifts that makes me feel so awkward. I tried to beg my friends to not throw us a baby shower because I get so uncomfortable about the thought of people buying gifts for me. I would be lying if I said I haven't wished that Adilynn would come early just to avoid having to be the center of attention at 2 showers that are coming up. Ridiculous, I know. 

So when December rolled around and the questions of "What would you like this Christmas" began, I couldn't help but get that weird feeling in my throat. Thankfully this Christmas has been a little better thanks to baby girl's upcoming arrival. When people have asked what I want, it usually revolves around anything I need for Adi's room or survival with a new baby. I legit asked for her crib mattress and bumper guards to match her bedding from my grandparents because I want to get her room completed. 

But of course, there are items on my list that I just don't feel comfortable asking someone for. So today, I thought I would share with you my secret list of wants that I've been collecting all year long. Some of the things are items I will have to slowly save up for and some are items I've had screen shots of in my phone for way too long. 

One    Two    Three

One    Two    Three

One     Two    Three    Four

The silly thing about this list is that most of it I could have already bought for myself but I haven't or just refuse because of the cost. I don't know if I will ever buy some of these things but it was fun to make a list and not feel like anyone will feel obligated to get you any of it. Thank you Blogland for giving me a place to put this out there. If you have any of these items, tell me your thoughts so I know what to spend gift cards that I may receive on. 


  1. My instax camera was probably the silliest "unnecessary" present I've ever asked for, but it does legitimately bring me loads of joy when I use it!

  2. I have a pair of booties that look just like those Toms, I LOVE them. Also, you won't regret getting the instax camera. I got one last year and I still love using it! If you do end up getting one, Amazon is by far the cheapest for the film.

    Gifts are my love language but I have major social anxiety so opening gifts in front of other people basically makes me break out in hives. I try to get through it as quick as possible but it's awkward! I always try to make up for that with thorough and sincere thank you notes.