The Rise and Set

December 1, 2016

If there is one thing I love the most about the mornings and evenings, the sunrise and sunset would have to be it. No matter if it's on my drive to work in the morning or opening my back door at night, there waiting for me is this stunning promise of hope and peace. I walked outside over the weekend to this beautiful sunset staring me in the face. Maybe it was the nostalgia of Thanksgiving and being with family or perhaps it was just sunsets have come to mean to me, but I found myself lost in thought.
You see, to me, the sunrise is the promise of a new day. No matter what happened the day before, that beautiful sunrise shows that there is nothing about today that will be the exact same as yesterday. It's a fresh start, a new day, a new opportunity to make that day the best day that it can be. I love knowing that I have that to look forward to every. single. morning. The sunrise on my drive to school is never the same, with the exact same colors, and I choose to look at each morning the same. Through my faults and triumphs, the day starts over every single day in the most beautiful way.

On the other side of things, the sunset is the goodbye to the day that you just had. Whether good or bad, that day comes to a beautiful end with the sunset. On my bad days, it reminds me that the day is coming to a close and that the moments I didn't think I could get through are over. It shows that no matter how long or how hard, that day ends and a new day is waiting with a new beginning. On my good days, it reminds me of all that I have to be thankful for and that those precious moments that made the day great should be cherished and remembered.

Whether it's the sunrise or the sunset that I am looking at, both serve as my reminder to slow down and appreciate those moments that come and go so quickly. The good teaches us to be thankful while the bad teaches us the lessons. Both are equally important, just as the rise and set of the sun is to our days.

Happy Thursday friend. I hope this week has been good to you and you enjoy this first day of December. I am so happy to be back here, rambling away to this little white space.


  1. Don't you just love that no two sunrises/sunsets are ever the same? God is a beautiful artist, that's for sure! I love this photo...and is that the view from your house?! LUCKY!

  2. During the summer when I'm working crazy long days I try my very best to watch the sunset every night. The level of peace that happens when you take a few minutes to just watch the sky is indescribable.