Setting Goals for the Final Month

January 10, 2017

When the clock struck midnight, I already knew what I wanted my goals for the year to be. I had thought long and hard about how I would set them up to be less tedious goals and more specific to a year of growth and changes. Setting monthly goals has changed alot for me in the past few months. Instead of focusing on every single little task that I "NEED" to accomplish, I have been trying to instead write goals that are meaningful to the goals I want to accomplish for that month. It takes it from being a "must do" to an "I want to complete that". I am all about checking things off my lists so this has been a change for me, but when I focus on key words that aren't as specific, I find I get more weird as that may sound. 

So when I set my goals in December, I knew there were a few ares that I needed to focus on as we were finishing up Christmas shopping and celebrating. Here is how I did on my list:  

Declutter. Thanks to a garage sale with friends, I cleaned out so much unneeded things from our house. Each closet I started to clean out, I literally couldn't believe I owned half the things in there. It felt nice to declutter and I made a tiny amount of money so that works. 
Read. You can read my review of First Comes Love here. It was a quick read but one that I think I enjoyed. 
Volunteer. I got to enjoy some time at our local library and the nursing home last month. 
Create. For create, I think working in our baby girl's room 
Organize. Thanks to sweet friends, I was able to organize boxes and boxes of clothes that were given to us. I have them seperated by size currently in a big tub. Any moms out there that want to share their organizing/storing clothes secrets? Would love to know what sizes you put away and what sizes you leave out. 
Celebrate. We celebrated M's graduation from a 9 week school he was attending for work. It was such a neat experience and I am so stinking proud of him for taking on a new challenge at work. Christmas was a great celebration with family and an exciting reminder of how different next Christmas will be. 

January's Goal List: The baby edition (because we are less than a month away from having a sweet baby girl) 

Be Present. This is the last month that M and I will spend as just a party of 2. This realization is sad, exciting, scary, and overwhelming. The change is coming for a great reason but it also makes me realize how much I need to focus on our relationship before we add our sweet girl to our list. 
Complete. There are quite a few things that I need to complete before baby girl arrives so I'm working on slowly focusing my energy on completing each task as I get to it. 
Learn. There is so much thinking, learning, and growing that comes in preparation to add a sweet baby to the mix of a family so I'm trying to do as much learning as possible. Any tips for what you read or watched when you were preparing for your little bundle of joy mommas?
Be Thankful. Although I tried to battle it, the amazing people in our life have set up 3 different baby showers to spoil us at. I am making it my goal to understand that this is something that people want to do for us and to have all thank you notes written and sent before Adi makes her arrival into our life (and I loose all desire to do anything but stare at her all day).  

I hope you all have had an amazing start to your January. I'm looking forward to working towards these goals and seeing what the end of the month has in store for us. Happy Tuesday friends. I hope your day is amazing. 


  1. I love the keywords concept. Everyone always says to keep your goals specific, but I actually accomplish more with more general "goals" too! I can't remember when I read it, but "Beyond Bathtime" is my favorite book on motherhood. Also James Dobson's Bringing Up Girls!

  2. These are great goals my special friend and I just know you will achieve them all - your heart and mind are so intentional x

  3. I love how you are breaking down your goals and sharing them publicly. I have done this, but haven't shared it. I need to! I hope you're feeling amazing, mama. So excited for you and your family!