February | The Start of a New Journey

February 1, 2017

As January came to a close yesterday, I couldn't help but be in awe of how busy, fast, slow, and crazy of a month it was. From having 3 amazing showers hosted for us, to getting Adi's room ready for her arrival... the days just seemed to fly by. Not that I'm complaining because each day got us one day closer to meeting our sweet girl. Here is a look at the goals I set for January and how I did with each one. 

January Goals: 

Be Present. It's amazing what putting the phone down for a while can do for the mind. I had deactivated my facebook over the summer and was surprised at how much time I had to actually get things done without constantly scrolling. I missed being connected with my friends but I loved that if I wanted to know what was going on, I called them or met up with them for lunch. Being present is going to be something that is a work in progress for me as we 
Complete. It's amazing what you can get done when you have a timeline keeping you in check. This month was definitely my most productive, even if some of that production wasn't on things that truly needed to get done. 
Learn. I think that this is going to be an ongoing goal for me as the months continue and I learn how to be the best momma that I can to miss Adilynn. As so many people have told me, it's definitely a trial and error process. People can give us the most wonderful advice but ultimately, it will depend on her little personality and her specific needs. I am so open to all of the knowledge and ideas that mommas have to share though so send those my way any time you wish. 
Be Thankful. With all of our showers happening in January, I had plenty of opportunity to become more aware than ever of the amazing people that we have in our life. At each shower, I could feel the love and excitement as people gathered to spoil our sweet girl. 

And now to set some goals for the month that will bring Adilynn into the world and forever change our little family in the best way possible. 

February Goals:

Welcome our sweet baby girl. It's amazing to think about actually holding her in our arms and brining her home to a house that is so filled with love for her already. I am excited and nervous for all the days and nights to come but knowing she will be here totally over powers those fears with so much excitement. 
Love. The month of February will forever represent love and it makes me excited that even though we hadn't planned on her waiting until February to get here, I am so glad that she did. It makes me feel as though she will be a lover of all things and I can't wait to instill in her how much she is truly loved. I plan to use this month to love all over her and M as we begin a new journey in our marriage by welcoming her to our world. 
Adjust. This one is going to be huge for me. When you have lived a certain way for almost 30 years and then adjusted to living another way for almost 5 years, the thought of all of those things going away to care for a baby is a bit scary. I hope that I can adjust my thinking, my worries, my fears, and my time to fit the needs of her and Michaels. 
Self-Care. I've heard from many mommas that you HAVE to take some time for yourself as you are trying to recover from growing a human for the past 9 months and then giving birth to that same little human. I hope that I can find some time to take care of myself so I can be the best momma and wife to my little family. 
Breathe. Although I tend to be carefree in different areas of my life, I've found out lately that I like to have control over things and when they don't go as planned, it stresses me out a little more than it should. I hope that as we are in this adjustment period, I can just breathe and enjoy these precious moments. 
Loosen the reigns. This goes with breathe. I try to control things that are not in my control and end up frustrated and overwhelmed. This is going to be something that I need to work on as we have so many people who are going to be here helping and guiding us during these first few weeks of having a new baby in the family. I hope that I can just relax, be thankful for the help, and learn to accept things that don't go my way. 

Wow... now that I look back on those things for February, it seems more like a new year's resolution post. I guess this month really will be the beginning of something new though so it is what it is. I am excited for what February will bring us and all of the lessons that are in store. Happy February friends. 


  1. I think those are great goals and expectations for how things will go after you welcome baby girl home! I'm sure you will adjust just fine :)

  2. I love reading these types of posts :) You have some great goals for this month, and congrats on your sweet baby girl.

  3. What a big and absolutely beautiful month it's going to be!

  4. You are going to have no problem achieving these girls - and all with your sweet baby girl in your arms!!
    She is perfection x

  5. Thinking of you, Momma. I hope your first week with your little gal is going beautifully.