My Trunk, My Trunk, My Lovely Lady Trunk

October 17, 2017

Well, it has officially been over a year since I last went shopping for clothes that are my normal size. Pregnancy does a good number to the body over those 9 months and well beyond. Here we are 9 months post baby and I have yet to get my closet back in order. I got so use to wearing my clothes a few sizes too big that now, that's all I have. Since there isn't really that much time to take a baby shopping with me, especially considering I am over an hour away from any real shopping, I decided to give the Nordstrom Trunk service a try.

I have come to find that I am extremely picky when it comes to clothes but yet I don't know what I'm picky about. If you asked me to give my style a name, it would be named random. I like to try to find stylish pieces but almost always end up with basics more than anything really trendy. So I figured it was time to ask for some professional help.

The thing I like about the Nordstrom Trunk service is that they send you 10 items. I didn't feel like I was limited to a certain number and each piece went with something else in my trunk. If I am going to spend the money on clothes, I like that I would have options for how to piece those items together. My stylist Alexandra was very helpful in picking my brain and looking through my information that I submitted about myself. I can tell that if we keep working together, she is going to send me more pieces that I can't say no to.

I was a little off on my sizes which was nice but also sad because I sent quite a few things back for that reason. I'm hoping that now I can work on getting things tailored to my body and not wear bags as clothes. I love that in this past trunk, Alex tried to take me out of my comfort zone on a few pieces. I ended up downloading the trunk app to keep up with our conversations and I'm so glad that I did. It allows me to upload pictures of items that I love and gives her a better idea of what type of styles I see myself in. 

You can review your trunk before it is sent which I love because the items I asked her not to send were items that I already had something like or that I knew I wouldn't like. It is sent in a cute trunk like box an the clothing is prepared for you to try it all on immediately. I couldn't contain my excitement but in that excitement I forgot to take pictures so you get screen shots of the outfits Alexandra put together for me via the app.

I ended up keeping one of the items from my trunk this time around. Which one do you think I went with?

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