October 24, 2018

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten | Library fun

Adilynn and I went to our local library last week and her reaction to being there really gets better each time we visit. She ran ( the library) and squealed with each row she went down. We got to talking with the Children's room coordinator, Ms. Savage, and she told us about the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. Adilynn could read 10 books every night if I would let her and if I could only read that fast. I truly believe that this is because we have been reading to her since the very first days of her life. 
As an educator, specifically a past first grade teacher, I know how important reading is for all areas of development in all children. In building vocabulary, reading skills like following along and reading from left to right, and even the handle and care of a book starts at such a young age. I am a reader and I can only hope to instill that in Adi through the years so of course we decided to participate. I love that the library in our little town promotes programs like this in our town to support and encourage the parents of all students. 

1, 000 Books Before Kindergarten Program

The concept is simple. You start reading to your newborn/infant/toddler/student. The goal is to have read 1,000 books before your sweet child starts Kindergarten. Our local library has clear backpacks packed with 10 books for you to check out with various books on various levels. In the folder they give you when your first get ready to start, there is program information, tips for reading with your baby and toddler, and pages with numbers for you to record your books on. 

How to Participate

  • Read with your child. It's a simple as that. Spend some time each night reading to them. 
  • Keep track of the titles of the books you read with your child on the log provided by the library. 
  • Record any and all books read to your student. It can be books that you read, books read to them by a family member, or, as they get older, books they choose to read to you. 

Local Incentives

  • Turn in your log every 100 books for a prize and have your child's picture posted
  • 100-900 Books Read = Prize Bucket
  • 1,000 Books read- Prize book and your name in a library book to celebrate your achievement. 
Adilynn has already chosen her favorite book from her backpack we chose for this week. I read it to her as if I was a dinosaur and she just kept asking for more and more. I am excited to see what books we discover and to watch her grow and develop through the exposure to different kinds of literature. I challenge any mommas out there to head to their local library to see if they have more information on the program. If not, you can find more information at Happy reading friends! 

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