September Recap

October 17, 2018

I'm so thankful I wrote down these goals to work towards for the month of September. There is something about holding myself accountable and keeping myself on track. I keep going back to the picture I have on my watch that says "I don't have enough time...clear priorities". I need to continue to work on setting clear priorities and boundaries so that my energy is focused on areas that I want it to be instead of areas that don't deserve the extra energy. 

September Goals



At our school, we were trained in a program called Capturing Kid's Hearts. The program is a great restructure of how we deal with situations that arise and I'm looking forward to implementing some of the key parts of the program into family life at home. One of my very favorite is affirmations. Just taking the time to really be intentional about praising the good things that our partners (or in the school setting our students and coworkers) can affect not only their day but yours also. I am working towards being so intentional about giving affirmations to M so that he feels my appreciation for the things that he does to keep me grounded, sane, and serve as my partner.


45 total miles for the month
4 miles under 40 minutes

Pretty stinking proud of reaching both of these goals. I ended up having to knock out a 5 mile run to ensure I met the 45 miles on the last day of the month and so Adi and I woke up extra early and made it happen. Proud that I made it and myself a priority. 


Complete my Class Video
Update Hours Log
Complete Class Number 3

This class y'all. It was a doozy. I could almost swear that I spent upwards of 20 hours a week working on the assignments and getting other things done to be able to pass this class. But I/we made it. It taught me a lot about time management and where my time is wasted. I'm already on week 2 of my next course and I can already tell a huge difference in my stress level and my motivation to stay on top of my work. I just keep telling myself... "two more classes, two more classes". 


Guidance Lessons

I'm so happy that I have made both of these a priority this year. Guidance lessons with my students give me life. I work at a Pre-K through 5th grade campus with just over 710 students. Its overwhelming to keep myself on track some days but when I get to complete an empathy lesson with 5th graders that blows me out of the water, it makes it all worth it. 


Attend a football game
Read a book
Begin a Bible study

I read Perfect Courage by Jessica Hon and wow it touched my heart. I love books like that with women I can relate to. I wanted to make sure I was intentional about finishing this book. I'll be sharing a review later next week for anyone who hasn't heard of it or read it. I failed at attending a football game but there is always hope for the next few months ahead. I will say that I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not being intentional with my bible study. Our church even began a bible study class on Sundays and I have yet to attend. I need to set this as a priority and work towards making this a habit. 

Excited to share more about my October goals tomorrow. Did you set any goals for September that you crossed off? I would love to hear them! 

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  1. SO SO SO proud of you my Ash - and I just love your serving and intentional heart for each part of these goals! Have the happiest and joy-filled October my friend x