February 7, 2022

Evi James | 4 Months


Month 4 was a big month sweet girl. It was your first full month of going to daycare. It feels like you grew so much each day. You recognize your family and smile so big when you see mommy or daddy. You watch your sisters closely and have gotten so good at lifting your head while you are on your stomach. You are officially Brooki's very own baby doll and we have to make sure that she doesn't smother you with kisses. We battled through Covid, your first runny nose and cough, and then lastly, a couple of days of croup. You were a champ through it all. You continue to prove that you are easy going and happy to just simply be. 

Your daddy and I say often that there is something so special about you. You look like a little doll and are just your own little lady. You are content to just be but let us know when you are ready for a change. It amazes us how quickly the time is going and how much we adore and love you. We love being your family. 

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