February 1, 2022

Who We Are | Family

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a family. I have always loved children and held on to the hope that I would find someone that I could partner with in life and grow beautiful babies with. As I reflect back on the roads that led us here, I am thankful for the twists and turns, the dead ends, and the hills and valleys of it all. Each step has lead us exactly where we were meant to go; together. 

Michael and Ashley

After meeting in college in 2006, we did the fun of long distance for 3 years until I decided to move where Michael was to become a teacher. We have been here ever since, slowly creating a life of our own. From job promotions to job changes, we have been self-proclaimed partners from the beginning, I like to think we live our life being exactly that. Tag-teaming raising these beautiful girls and loving each other through the transitions and seasons life has taken us on. I would be lost without the calm to my storm. 

Adilynn Ivie

Adi joined the family in February of 2017. Everything about Adilynn was easy. From the pregnancy to the birth to the transition of a family of 3. This continues now that she is 5. She just sort of floated through those hard years that are typical with children and brings such a light to our lives. She is a gem in many ways and too smart for her own good. With a heart of gold and an awareness of feelings that makes her momma's counselor heart so proud, she loves big and cares deeply. She was made to be a big sister. 

Brooklynn Mae 

Brooki Mae is our spitfire. Born in December of 2019, she is our pandemic baby. She had the joy of staying home with me for 7 months and it shows in how much she loves her momma. She is definitely our middle child and the mischievous one of the bunch.  You can't leave her alone for any amount of time unless you want to walk into a disaster. She has a deep love of baby dolls, but none more so than her Evi-dito. You can find Brooklynn taking care of her babies, feeding them, or giving them kisses. We could watch her all day. 

Evelynn James

Evi surprised us all and joined us October 2021. She is the sweetest baby with an old soul. Her name fits her so well. She carries on her daddy and pop's name James and no doubt will be running around the house with her big sisters in no time. For now, she loves to smile, eat, and sleep. Her smile lights our world and she is proving to be the sweetest little babe. She was made perfectly for us. 

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  1. I love your girls' names. I remember when you had Addilynn! It's good to see you writing again!