Five on Friday | Hi friends

September 22, 2017

July. Was it really July went I last sat down at the computer to type out random nothingness here on With Grace? My blog roll would say yes but I would say "Where in the world is the time going"? I can give you one sleep. Or shall I say lack there of....or maybe not even lack there of...but sleep randomness. Phew. 

But that is all beside the point. I'm here to join in on the 5 on Friday fun. Or Friday Five fun... or whatever blogland calls a friday post these days. So here goes nothing. 

1. Baby Sleep. The past few months have been consumed by sleep. Either me being worried about sleep, me hoping she sleeps, lack of sleep, prayers for sleep, actual sleep and all the sleep in between. I read a quote by Chrissy Tiegan that said "why is putting something that is already tired to sleep so hard" or something along those lines. #preach.
2. Photography. I decided once I found out that I was pregnant with Adilynn that I would put my photography aside and call it quits. Turns out that having a baby makes you realize how important photography truly is, so I am officially back at it. I am hoping to do a rebrand, launch my website, and start sharing more of my photography here with you all. If you don't mind. 
3. Dave Ramsey. My husband and I have been following some of Dave's advice and holy smokes. Our life has forever been changed. In just a few months we have paid off one of our cars and my medical bills from having Adi. It's amazing what you have left when you are intentional with your money. 

4. Car Seat. I think it's time to change Adilynn from her carry carseat to a big girl carseat. How did you know it was time for your kiddos? I worry about her falling asleep in there but she loves to look out the window and enjoy what we're driving by. Any tips? 

5. Weekend Plans. I'm going back and forth on if I should take a road trip to visit family this weekend. We shall see how we feel Saturday when we wake up. 

Happy Friday friends. I hope it's your best one yet.