With Grace


March 7, 2017

Our sweet girl is officially here. I guess that would have been more exciting if she wasn't already almost 5 weeks old. It's amazing how much time you don't have even though you really do have time with a newborn. Anyone relate to that? 

Adilynn graced us with her presence on Thursday, February 2nd at 7:42 in the morning and was every bit as perfect as we thought. My induction pretty much went by the books and maybe even better than what I and the nurses expected. I had heard horror stories about induction and labor in general so I definitely planned for the worst case scenario. Thankfully, my labor and delivery was anything but worst case. 

We arrived at the hospital on Wednesday at 3 pm after being called off 2 days in a row due to a high number of women having babies. To say that I was frustrated is an understatement. I am not a sit and wait type of gal, especially knowing the end result was our baby girl. But it's amazing how things work out exactly how they should. More on that in a bit. 

The sweet nurses got us all set up and ready to begin the process of the induction. Our doctor had ordered 3/4 of the induction medicine and we had to do it in 1/4 sections. They said that after they did 1/4 of it, they would check to see when I needed the next one. Unfortunately, the nurses who got us all settled in left after just a few hours with us. I was so bummed because they were so helpful and relatable and I just wanted them to stay all night. Little did I know that our next nurse, Patti, would be our angel in disguise of a nurse. 

Patti took over and was actually the charge nurse so she was extra attentive. When my family and Michael went for dinner, she and I had some good discussions and that was when I decided to get the epidural. I had been having contractions for a while, and they got to the point of being uncomfortable. She guided me through the decision and the incision with Dr. Cherry. She was with me every step of the way and I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay her for that. 

After the epidural, it all went fast from there. The medicine they had given me for induction was doing it's job x2. Patti had to give me some medicine to make the contractions slow down. Thankfully it didn't stop my progress at all but definitely gave me some relief. She made that call and it turned out to be the right one. She checked on me every hour and during her check in around 3:00, she decided to go ahead and check to see how far along I was. To her surprise, and mine, I was already almost to 8cm dilated. She decided to go ahead and call my doctor as it seemed Adilynn was ready to make her appearance, even before they gave me the pitocin which is what is suppose to really get the party going. 

Patti was in and out and on the phone with my doctor. Around 6:45 or so, she checked again and could already feel baby's head so she started getting every gathered. Michael had gone to get coffee and she told me to get him to the room asap. My mom and sister were still in there hanging out as all the nurses started making their way in to the room to get set up. Patti told me we were going to do some practice pushes to get me ready for the doctor. We got through about 2 and she made me stop because Adilynn was already in position to make her debut. 

Thankfully Michael walked in about 5 minutes before my doctor and we did a few more practice pushes. Once my doctor came in, I pushed for about 12 minutes and our sweet girl was here. All 8 pounds 15 ounces of her and her dark hair. Patti grabbed Michaels phone, put Adi on my chest and snapped picture after picture for us. Our sweet girl was officially here. 

February | The Start of a New Journey

February 1, 2017

As January came to a close yesterday, I couldn't help but be in awe of how busy, fast, slow, and crazy of a month it was. From having 3 amazing showers hosted for us, to getting Adi's room ready for her arrival... the days just seemed to fly by. Not that I'm complaining because each day got us one day closer to meeting our sweet girl. Here is a look at the goals I set for January and how I did with each one. 

January Goals: 

Be Present. It's amazing what putting the phone down for a while can do for the mind. I had deactivated my facebook over the summer and was surprised at how much time I had to actually get things done without constantly scrolling. I missed being connected with my friends but I loved that if I wanted to know what was going on, I called them or met up with them for lunch. Being present is going to be something that is a work in progress for me as we 
Complete. It's amazing what you can get done when you have a timeline keeping you in check. This month was definitely my most productive, even if some of that production wasn't on things that truly needed to get done. 
Learn. I think that this is going to be an ongoing goal for me as the months continue and I learn how to be the best momma that I can to miss Adilynn. As so many people have told me, it's definitely a trial and error process. People can give us the most wonderful advice but ultimately, it will depend on her little personality and her specific needs. I am so open to all of the knowledge and ideas that mommas have to share though so send those my way any time you wish. 
Be Thankful. With all of our showers happening in January, I had plenty of opportunity to become more aware than ever of the amazing people that we have in our life. At each shower, I could feel the love and excitement as people gathered to spoil our sweet girl. 

And now to set some goals for the month that will bring Adilynn into the world and forever change our little family in the best way possible. 

February Goals:

Welcome our sweet baby girl. It's amazing to think about actually holding her in our arms and brining her home to a house that is so filled with love for her already. I am excited and nervous for all the days and nights to come but knowing she will be here totally over powers those fears with so much excitement. 
Love. The month of February will forever represent love and it makes me excited that even though we hadn't planned on her waiting until February to get here, I am so glad that she did. It makes me feel as though she will be a lover of all things and I can't wait to instill in her how much she is truly loved. I plan to use this month to love all over her and M as we begin a new journey in our marriage by welcoming her to our world. 
Adjust. This one is going to be huge for me. When you have lived a certain way for almost 30 years and then adjusted to living another way for almost 5 years, the thought of all of those things going away to care for a baby is a bit scary. I hope that I can adjust my thinking, my worries, my fears, and my time to fit the needs of her and Michaels. 
Self-Care. I've heard from many mommas that you HAVE to take some time for yourself as you are trying to recover from growing a human for the past 9 months and then giving birth to that same little human. I hope that I can find some time to take care of myself so I can be the best momma and wife to my little family. 
Breathe. Although I tend to be carefree in different areas of my life, I've found out lately that I like to have control over things and when they don't go as planned, it stresses me out a little more than it should. I hope that as we are in this adjustment period, I can just breathe and enjoy these precious moments. 
Loosen the reigns. This goes with breathe. I try to control things that are not in my control and end up frustrated and overwhelmed. This is going to be something that I need to work on as we have so many people who are going to be here helping and guiding us during these first few weeks of having a new baby in the family. I hope that I can just relax, be thankful for the help, and learn to accept things that don't go my way. 

Wow... now that I look back on those things for February, it seems more like a new year's resolution post. I guess this month really will be the beginning of something new though so it is what it is. I am excited for what February will bring us and all of the lessons that are in store. Happy February friends. 


January 31, 2017

I am that person that will arrive somewhere 30 minutes early in fear of being 2 minutes late. I hate to make people wait and I hate to not be where I need to be on time and ready to roll. So last night, as Michael and I were driving to the hospital to get things rolling so we could meet our baby girl, we received a phone call. One that I wasn't expecting and hadn't thought would come. They were overbooked and we were postponed. All kinds of questions popped into my mind? For later this evening? Tomorrow? Later in the week? What does this mean. The lady kindly apologized and said she would call after she talked to our doctor. 
How does that even happen?
Is this a joke?

I had spent all day yesterday doing laundry, cleaning our house, and just getting everything ready for baby. I didn't go to work so that I could just relax and enjoy our last day at home before we brought a baby into our home later this week. I'm not good at just sitting and doing nothing so I tried to keep myself busy all day long. 

And yet we were left waiting. Waiting for the phone call that finally came and said "welp, we are going to have to postpone until tomorrow at 3pm." I couldn't help but feel disappointed, overwhelmed, emotional. We should be sitting at the hospital, getting ready to meet our sweet girl this afternoon, yet here I am, at home, with nothing left to do but wait until we try again. 

Could it be worse? Absolutely. I am thankful that they called before we got there. I'm thankful that the nurse who called tried to be as positive as she could. I am thankful that the mommies who needed to be there for emergency situations had a room to go to. But I'm also a tad bummed. It's like waking up for Christmas and someone saying "well we've pushed Christmas back a day. You'll have to try again tomorrow". 

I feel like a brat even being disappointed about it. We will still get to meet our girl, it just won't be the exact plan I had planned on. And truly, what's wrong with that? So instead of drowning in the "what if's" and "I wish this would have happened", I'm going to list some pros of being postponed for the day. 
  • More than likely she will be born February 1st which is a pretty birthstone. 
  • M and I will be able to go eat a nice big lunch before we head to the hospital. 
  • His parents will be there for her arrival after a little medical emergency. 
  • I get one more night at home in my own bed next to my handsome husband. 
  • I will have time to go to target and hobby lobby to finish up her door decorations. 
Okay, I officially feel better about having to wait a little longer to meet our sweet Adilynn. Thank you for letting me vent that out friends. Keep us in your prayers as we journey towards this new chapter in our life. I have no doubt it will be my favorite and most teachable chapter yet. 

Five on Friday | Already?

January 27, 2017

I'm not sure if this week flew by because I was counting down the days for our last doctor's appointment before baby or if it's because I had so much to finish up at my last week of work but I am so thankful that it did. I have a feeling these next few days will go by very, very slowly but when I look back, it will seem like I didn't have enough time to finish all I needed to.

I'm going to join in on the 5 on Friday fun even though I've been a bit nonexistent in the blogworld lately. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything but random things around the house that are definitely not a necessity to bringing home a new baby. Read #5 for more on what I mean by that.
1. Adilynn. We got to see our sweet Adi 2 weeks ago and the doctor measured her to give us an estimate and see if any action needed to be taken before her actual due date. Turns out our sweet girl has some long legs and has been enjoying herself in there because she already was weighing 7lbs 2 oz. So the doctor is going to induce me a week earlier than my due date. EAK! I have so many emotions about this but mostly I am just so very excited to kiss the sweet little face of my daughter.

2. Going Home Outfits. Since when did this become a thing? Has it always been one? I've felt more pressure about what I'm brining her home in than I have about her room. So I'm giving up and have packed one little outfit that was given to us at a shower. I have to be honest and say that since we will be the only ones to see her, I'm not too worried about it any more. Am I alone in this? I mean as long as she's comfy for our ride home, surely that's all that matters right?

3. Amazon prime for the win. I would be absolutely lost without amazon prime. The fact that the closest Target to me is almost an hour away is just not helpful when preparing for a baby. Thank goodness Amazon Prime stepped in. I think I have probably ordered at least 2 or 3 things a day this week. #oops.

4. Nesting. I finally hit the "nesting stage" although I think I got the wrong case of nesting. I have done everything around the house that I can think of that there is absolutely no reason for doing it. I power-washed our outside chair cushions, the mats in my car, our dogs water bowl, weeded our front flower bed (meaning I dug up every single thing that was in there), and repotted our flower pots on the front porch.

5. Work. Today is my last day of work for the next 6 to 7 weeks. I got quite a bit taken care of so that when I walk out of there today, I will be able to focus on enjoying our sweet girl and my time with her before I have to return. I am interested to see how things go with me not having to go to work every single day but I'm so excited that I will be home spending time with Adi. Lots of adjustments coming soon and I just can't wait to see how it all works out.

I hope you all have an awesome end to your week and a great weekend. I am not sure what is in store for my blog posts in the upcoming weeks but I can't wait to update with news of our newest little family member. Happy friday friends.

Shower Perfection

January 19, 2017

This past weekend, my sister and her sister in law hosted our last baby shower before Adilynn arrives and it could not have been more perfect. They put so much thought and effort into sweet little details and just made sure it was classy and perfect for us. From sweet cookies with her monogram, to a candy bar filled with my favorite candies, and even beautiful crosages for my mom, sister, grandmother and I to wear. The pictures don't quite do it justice but here are a few of them. 
It's amazing to look around and see people who love and support M and I and know that those same people are looking forward to loving on our sweet girl once she makes her arrival into this amazing world. To be blessed by the friendships and families that we have is such a wonderful feeling. I know that the months to come are going to be some of the hardest, most amazing months of my life but to know we have so much support lets me know that we will conquer and survive. 

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