My Trunk, My Trunk, My Lovely Lady Trunk

October 17, 2017

Well, it has officially been over a year since I last went shopping for clothes that are my normal size. Pregnancy does a good number to the body over those 9 months and well beyond. Here we are 9 months post baby and I have yet to get my closet back in order. I got so use to wearing my clothes a few sizes too big that now, that's all I have. Since there isn't really that much time to take a baby shopping with me, especially considering I am over an hour away from any real shopping, I decided to give the Nordstrom Trunk service a try.

I have come to find that I am extremely picky when it comes to clothes but yet I don't know what I'm picky about. If you asked me to give my style a name, it would be named random. I like to try to find stylish pieces but almost always end up with basics more than anything really trendy. So I figured it was time to ask for some professional help.

The thing I like about the Nordstrom Trunk service is that they send you 10 items. I didn't feel like I was limited to a certain number and each piece went with something else in my trunk. If I am going to spend the money on clothes, I like that I would have options for how to piece those items together. My stylist Alexandra was very helpful in picking my brain and looking through my information that I submitted about myself. I can tell that if we keep working together, she is going to send me more pieces that I can't say no to.

I was a little off on my sizes which was nice but also sad because I sent quite a few things back for that reason. I'm hoping that now I can work on getting things tailored to my body and not wear bags as clothes. I love that in this past trunk, Alex tried to take me out of my comfort zone on a few pieces. I ended up downloading the trunk app to keep up with our conversations and I'm so glad that I did. It allows me to upload pictures of items that I love and gives her a better idea of what type of styles I see myself in. 

You can review your trunk before it is sent which I love because the items I asked her not to send were items that I already had something like or that I knew I wouldn't like. It is sent in a cute trunk like box an the clothing is prepared for you to try it all on immediately. I couldn't contain my excitement but in that excitement I forgot to take pictures so you get screen shots of the outfits Alexandra put together for me via the app.

I ended up keeping one of the items from my trunk this time around. Which one do you think I went with?

When You Might Lose It All

October 16, 2017

The news stories about these natural disasters hitting different areas of our world are absolutely devastating. To see the pictures and the videos of the destruction just breaks my heart. Last month when Hurricane Harvey hit, I feel as though my life and views on things were forever altered.

The city that we live in is on the coast of Texas. It’s like one day, Harvey was a small storm brewing and the next thing we know, it has turned into a major hurricane ready for landfall. The schools began to let parents know that it would be canceled and teachers started getting ready to leave town. When I got home after work that Thursday, I packed a small bag for Adi and myself, grabbed all the pictures and disks with pictures that I could and threw them in my car. I thought we would be back in a few days but wanted to be prepared in case something happened to our house. We drove to my sister and mom’s house and waited.
As Harvey hit in a city nearby, there was a sense of relief. Our home would be spared and we could return home to our little life. Unfortunately, the town that we live in has a big river running through it and that river meets up with the ocean. So all the water that had been released from Harvey built up and was going to be coming our way. An emergency meeting was had in our town and they ordered a mandatory evacuation to leave because our whole town was going to be underwater. WHAT? Just a few days before it was just a little rain forecasted. Now, our town was going to be underwater? It was such a roller coaster ride. We’re ok, no we aren’t, yes we’re good, nope not yet.

When M called me to let me know the town was projected to be under 10 feet of water, he started packing. He called me at 3am and started asking what I wanted to save. Ya’ll, I sat there in silence for almost a minute and said “nothing”. There wasn’t one thing that I could think of that I could not live without besides my sweet girl and my husband. 

It put a lot into perspective for me sitting there, 180 miles from my home and everything I own at 3 am in the morning, telling my husband I couldn't think of one "thing" that I needed him to save. I think the idea of our house being complete submerged in water and the life we had built in those walls washing away with the river was sobering. As we sat and talked and tried to think about what we would need to last us for the next few days, maybe weeks, maybe months, I found myself thinking that it was all just stuff. It could be replaced or it might not even need to be replaced. Those things just didn't mean as much to me as I thought they might when I was faced with the idea of losing it all. 

The roller coaster ended about a week later when I was finally able to go home to a house that was spared any water damage, a town that faced very little damage, and a new perspective on the things that I own or the money that I spend on things that I think I need. I think knowing I had my sweet girl and all of the pictures I have ever taken gave me a little piece of mind but when I got back home, there were things that I never even thought of that might have been good to take. If you were in my shoes, what would you have grabbed?