December 19, 2016

No Love For You Like Mine

I saw a quote when I first found out that I was pregnant that has stuck with me through this whole journey. Maya Angelou wrote "In all the world there is not heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is not love for you like mine". Just like I discussed in a recent post, I have no idea what she was talking about when she said or wrote this. Perhaps she was talking about the relationship between she and someone or maybe she was talking about just loving people in general. For me, this quote perfectly summed up my journey of becoming a mommy. 

I have never been so proud of my body as I have been to see it go through all of the amazing things that have to happen to grow and provide for a healthy baby for 40 weeks. Watching my body change in so many different ways has been a huge lesson for me. Although the instinct for any change is to reject it, I feel as though I have embraced the amazing things that are happening. I went to take my 33 week update picture (I've been slacking lately) and found myself lost in thought of this journey and what it has meant to me. 
Going into my pregnancy, I just knew I was going to be the one who was sick all the time, experiencing every single symptom that there was. In the beginning I was definitely tired and felt a bit nauseous at times, but thankfully the first trimester was during my summer break from work and I could be lazy and just relax. I never got sick and never had any other symptoms besides occasional upset stomach if I didn't eat every few hours. I honestly felt so relieved and so thankful that our sweet baby was being so good to me. 

Yesterday was officially week 33 of this 40 week journey and I find myself, more often than not, just staring at my stomach or placing my hands on my stomach to feel our sweet baby girl's kicks. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to carry and provide for her on such a deep level. She will be the only person who knows me from the inside out and my heartbeat will be the one that she remembers in times of need. I truly feel humbled by that knowledge and thankful for that small connection with her. 

Knowing that not every woman gets to experience this journey humbles me beyond belief. I have tried not to take one minute of it for granted and soak in each of the little milestones that we have reached together. In talking with other moms, it seems as though each pregnancy is different so knowing I will never really experience this again makes it even more special. I have no doubt in my mind that this experience is truly a miracle and 40 weeks that I will cherish and treasure for years and years to come. 

With grace, I hope to show our sweet girl how to love compassionately, treat others the way that they deserve to be treated, enjoy the little things in life, and cherish the things that matter most. I feel so blessed to have the honor of being her provider for these past 33 weeks and look forward to the day that I can hold her in my arms and kiss her sweet little feet that kick me throughout the day. My heart is full. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely first pregnancy! Most of my pregnancies were like that too, easy and sweet - I loved it. Keep soaking it up!

  2. This is SO beautifully written, friend. I was nodding right along with you- because it is TRULY a miracle that you can't even understand until you experience it. I already miss the days of watching/feeling my belly move around and knowing we were getting closer and closer to meeting our little babe. I know you are going to be an INCREDIBLE mother and I cannot wait to see your sweet girl. Continuing to pray for healthy mom and baby in these final weeks!!!

  3. This made me tear up my friend - pregnancy is such a wonderful experience and a true miracle (even when it can be very hard for some!) and you are embracing this with every inch of your body, mind and soul. Your little princess is one lucky girl x