January 24, 2018

Children's Discovery Fort Bend | Adi Adventures

One of the things that I love most about motherhood and babyhood is watching Adilynn explore and learn. I feel like she wakes up with new tricks every morning and I love getting to give her experiences that allow her to explore new things. I'm excited that as she gets older, I will be able to take her to places that allow her to grow and explore in ways that I can't do at home. It's definitely a goal of mine to provide her opportunities to go places and do things like I was able to thanks to my parents. 

I heard about Children's Discovery Fort Bend from a friend who works in Sugarland and wanted to see what it was all about. With Adi just about to be one, I wasn't sure if she was the right age to go somewhere like this just yet but it was a rainy day and Susu and I decided to take her to try it all out. 

Children's Discovery is located in Sugarland, Texas at an old Sugar factory. It looks like they are going to be doing some construction around where it is located to add some more attractions which is going to be great. The fact that they are using the building and silos from the Imperial Sugar factory is one of the many reasons that I liked the location. Keeping that history alive in unique ways is always a good thing. 
Like I said, going into the building I wasn't sure what to expect. Do I take my stroller or just carry Adi, will people look at us because I had a small baby at a place that was just for big kids, will it be worth the drive and money that it cost to go in? I get a little uncomforatable when I'm not exactly sure what to expect or if I'm about to do the right thing. 

Let me just say that almost as soon as we walked in, I was blown away. From friendly staff, to a beautiful, clean building, I was excited to see what this place had in store for us. As we paid for our day pass, the lady helping us gave us a quick run down and showed us the important places to go. She let me know that there was a toddler area that Adi could go explore in and then told us to make sure we checked out the rest of the areas. 

To answer my own questions, we definitely didn't need the stroller as Adi wanted to play and walk (with help) or crawl every where and there was something there for children of all ages (adults included). I can't tell you how refreshing it was to see adults having fun with their children either by pretending with them in the town area, creating with the kids at the craft tables, or helping their child figure out problems in the engineering and math rooms. 

Toddler Area

If I was going to open a daycare, each room would look like the room/area that they have created for young babies to explore in. Adi could have stayed in this area for hours upon hours. She made one round and quickly went back to her favorites after she had spent some time at each area. Activities within the area were a train with steps and humps and ramp for motor skills, a slide that had a lava lamp type tube going through it to a cave below, a car to drive around with a gas pump to fill it up, doors that opened with mirrors inside, a sunken in area to crawl up and play in, a precious reading area, small ball pit, a car ramp that went round and round, a table with puzzles, and a light up box and even little windows with activities to make the window scene start. Phew. Adi seriously loved each little section. My mom and I loved just watching her move from activity to activity, exploring along the way.

Imagination Exploration

Talk about imagination opportunity overload. If it was acceptable, I would spend every weekend at Children's Discovery playing in each area by myself. There is a Math room where there are different activities for you to do with your child that allow you to practice math concepts in different ways. Next door, there is an engineering room where you can create and build things using supplies that they have given you. Along the opposite wall, there were tables upon tables of crafts with parents sitting, showing, and helping their child with the crafts.
As you walk into the main area, you notice that it is filled with different places like a normal town. There is a vet clinic, cafeteria, art center, car building center, school, grocery store, and so much more. In each job/place you are able to do certain jobs and earn a paycheck which comes in the form of a little debit card. You are able to go to the ATM and deposit your money from your job into your account, then go the bank so that you have "money" to buy things around the center. 
I will admit that there was a tiny part of me that was jealous that I never got to play in something like that as a child. But I am so excited that I will be able to take Adi somewhere that she can put her imagination to good use and explore in a way that is special to her unique interests. As an educator, places like this make me jump for joy because our children and students need places like this to be able to step outside of the box and just explore, create, and imagine. 


Open Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Adults/Children 1+ are $12
Memberships start at $120. 

I can't wait to take Adilynn back as she gets older and to a point where she will enjoy the different areas or jobs that are there. Until then, we can't wait to go back to explore more in the toddler area and spend some more time in the vet clinic with all her favorite animals. Have you ever been to this particular discovery center or does your town have something like this? 

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