January 17, 2018

Half Way

There is so much intention that never fully gets the quality time that it deserves. I intended on stopping by this blog multiple times over the past few months, yet here I am, half way through January 2018 and I am just now stopping in. I could say the cliché first time mom things like "Oh I just didn't have time", "Adilynn keeps me so busy", "I just wanted to spend time with her".
Yet the truth of the matter is that I allowed other things to take precedence over this blog. Those other things meaning social media, TV, laying in bed playing candy get the picture. Its pretty interesting to stop and think about the time that we have and where exactly it goes from day to day. Definitely can be eye opening in some areas. I often find myself complaining that I didn't have time to do this or wasn't able to do that when in reality, I had the time, I just didn't utilize it in the right ways.

The news on facebook coming from so many businesses about how the facebook algorithm is changing made me think. The creator of facebook has said that the change is so that people spend less time on social media and more time in real life. Sounds great right? We get to see more from our families and less from all the crazy ads that pop up, but how sad that he felt he had to change the game because of the amount of time people spend on it.

So here I am. Utilizing the time that I have to sit and write...about nothing great, life changing, beautiful, or eye opening. I'm just here to write. To spend my time in a way that makes me happy and brings me some comfort at the end of a long day. Half way through January and I'm hoping to make this a regular thing. We shall see if I can prioritize my time.


  1. YAY!! So lovely to see you pop into my feed my gorgeous friend - I miss you so much!
    I have really had to work on my phone and social media times and it's been a big eye opener but now loving the spare time for me x

  2. Yes! I am surprised sometimes at how much time I really do waste on social media, and I'm trying to apply it to better things this year - like reading. Still trying to figure out how to blog with five kids running around my house though! I usually end up writing mostly on weekends, when I can escape to a coffee shop.