February 2, 2018

One. Whole. Year

How do you summarize a year that has forever changed you and the life that you were living. It's like on that day, February 2nd, the path that I was walking along abruptly ended and I was redirected to take a whole new unfamiliar, precious, overwhelming, exciting, amazing road that I never expected.
There is nothing more precious than the way that your very own baby reaches for you at the end of a long day, or the hugs and kisses she wakes up ready to give to you and accept in return. The amazement in her eye from day to day as she learns and grows every hour of every day makes my heart so happy.

Watching our sweet girl grow has been one of the most precious times of my life. I love looking at her knowing that I have the hardest, yet most rewarding job in the world; being her momma. She has taught me what love is truly about and reminded me to enjoy and cherish the little things. She sees amazement every where she looks and is the bright spot of my days. I can only pray that she continues to want to explore, learn, and create and always has a love for people and things like she does right now. 

At age ONE, Adilynn:

  • loves to say DAAAA, momma (when she needs something), dog, yum, yea, wow, and yummm
  • has 7 of the most precious teeth I have ever seen
  • likes to joke around with her daddy only. Not mommy. 
  • has her daddy's eyes and loves to use them to people watch
  • eats like a champ. We have yet to find much she doesn't like. She is very picky about her meats
  • has taken several steps in a row but prefers to crawl and pretend she doesn't know how to walk
  • loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy, especially in our bed
  • gives any kind of stuffed animal or baby hugs and kisses and says "awww" as she does it
  • loves to slide on her slide from the Wendel family
  • is not a fan of naps
  • blows kisses 
  • waves bye bye
  • loves her ladies at daycare
  • hates putting on clothes
  • would stay in the bath forever
  • is the sweetest, most loving little love bug ever. She is truly a blessing and the light of our lives. 

Happiest of happy birthdays to you, our sweet girl. We love you more than you will ever know. 

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  1. Happy 1st birthday precious Addi - I cannot believe you are one already!!!
    Seven teeth?! Wow, that is amazing - your little friend only has two! I so wish you could play together whilst I love on your mama x