January 3, 2019

10 Years From Now

When you think about it, 10 years, a decade, seems like such a long amount of time. Like, surely 10 years means I have so much time to do all the tedious little things I want to do. But yet here I am, almost 10 years into my career and there are days when I feel like I just started this whole education gig. 

So when I think about 10 years from this very moment, it seems like such a long way away. Surely I have all the time in the world to get me from point A to point B. But knowing how quickly these last few years have gone, I know that each moment will tick away faster than I think. 

A few interesting facts about 10 years from now

  • I will be 41...what the what...that's just not possible
  • Adi will be 11 going on 12...I mean what is this life
  • Michael and I will have been married for 16 years...together for 21 years. I can't even. 
  • Tilly and Lucy (our dogs) will be 19 and 16 years old...yes dogs can live that long....
  • Iphones will be invisible and we will text in our heads
  • We will all be flying around in our cars. 

Ok... too much on the last 2 but still. So much can change in 10 years. We as people change. Our focus and where we spend our energy WILL change. What is important to us will change. It's like asking water to stay the shape of a glass once the glass has tipped over. So what's in store for me by or in 2028? That's such a hard question. I want to do so many little things that I have a hard time narrowing the path of "what ifs" to what I truly see myself doing. 


Option 1: I would be working at a college as a professor. I know that this is my end goal at some point. I want to impact the educational world on a deep level and motivating, supporting, and encouraging new teachers on this path would be a dream come true. Now if only I could talk Michael into moving to a city where there is a college closer than an hour away.... 

Option 2: I would be an assistant principal. If you have ever had a discussion with me about education, you would know that this was never part of my grand plan. I wanted to teach forever, be a counselor at an elementary school for a little while, and then end my educational career at the high school level supporting high school students discover who they want to be. 

Option 3: I would have my own counseling clinic and help adults in various aspects of their life. Whether it be marriage counseling, grief counseling, or just plain counseling. I use to think that this would have "children" in front of it but the older I get, the more I feel called to help other adults like myself who just need someone to talk to. 


Family. I wish I was one of those people who could say that I've always dreamed of a certain number of children or that I was a girl mom or a boy mom. But the truth is that I always just wanted to be a mom in whatever form, shape, size that looked like. I feel so content with being a mom to Adilynn that I'm not sure what it looks like for our family in the form of siblings. I picture us getting to travel with her and take her on adventures as she continues to grow. So for now, that is where my focus is. Giving her adventures that she might not ever remember but that I can share with her as she continues to grow. 

Location. This has been weighing on my mind more than usual for some reason. I have loved where we live currently. I have the best of friends, we have a beautiful piece of land with a house that has given us a roof over our head, and we live by the ocean. Not sure I could have checked off more boxes if I had tried but there is something about where we are that doesn't feel like our forever location. I see Michael and I having a home on a big piece of property where our kids (or kid) can roam, explore, enjoy, and just be. And the same for me. 

Me. I hope that over the next 10 years, I continue to find my strength when I need it, learn more about what my voice is worth, and become an all around better version of myself. Life lessons, situations, trials, and triumphs continue to shape the person I am. I learn hard lessons through those trials and gain tremendous knowledge in the triumphs. 

I hope that no matter what comes my way, that I continue to stand strong in my faith, my values, and my love of my family. Cheers to the next 10 years friends. 


  1. Ah my Ash, I loved this post - I wrote a similar one last year. It was a letter to my 42 year old self and it really made me think about where and who I want to be in 10 years time x

  2. Ohh I'm SO looking forward to this prompt later this month! I love how you outlined your post and can completely relate to the Location part of your post. Dane and I love Hawaii, but we don't see ourselves staying here forever. In fact, the idea of staying anywhere forever feels stifling!